Missing the laptop

DH had given me this laptop as a Christmas present back in 2006 before I gave birth to DD3. It's been my steady companion through the late-night feedings and a witness to my journey through sponsored blogging and of course, my scrapping. Last May, the screen decided to go black. DH tried to fix it, replacing this part with that, then even getting a new LCD screen. It would be ok for a while but would go black again. He asked SIL's co-worker if he could work on it. It's taken him about 4 months but has given up too. Looks like it's the motherboard that is wonky, he says. The machine itself works. We've hooked it up to the TV and it works. This could work for me if we had a long USB cord but as it is, I have to be on the floor right by the foot of the TV. Neck strain + eye strain? No, thank you!
DH has been looking at getting a new laptop. American Express has an awesome deal on Acer Aspire laptops but it's limited to the first 150 cardmembers. Don't think we have a chance on this. Last week, there was a Target offer for the first 500 cardmembers who avail of it and we missed out. And I actually sat in front on my computer and clicked on the "I want it" button the second it went live and still did not get it! Boo!
I don't know what DH has decided to do. He said he was planning on gifting me a laptop for my birthday in October but I asked for a flash instead (which I have not received yet). We'll see. We don't really need a new laptop. But I do miss being wireless a lot. I used to scrap in bed in front of the TV as a way of winding down at night. Sigh... I can't believe I have not done that in months. Sigh...