All I want for Christmas

I did a list of my Christmas wants last year(and it even had a part 2) and found it interesting and fun to look back at the stuff I wanted. Some I received. Some I don't want anymore. Others are back on my list, plus some.

1. AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G lens
2. Nikon SB-600
3. Bind-it-all
4. killer black boots
5. Cozy winter boots
6. fat burner
7. a new laptop
8. liposuction
9. sewing machine
10. love and acceptance
11. jeans that fit
12. peace
13. months-long vacation to the Philippines
14. a small compact camera
15. YOU

Which ones are seriously wanted? Which ones are for fun?
All are wanted. All are for fun! :)
Merry Christmas!