Manny's the Man!

I know this post is super late given that the boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto happened almost a week ago. Just wanted to say how happy we all are that Manny won. But happier still that it was a good fight. Both fighters did their best, no theatrics that often come with the bloated egos of well-moneyed champions. I liked both fighters' demeanor. Both seem to have good sensibilities within them. If only Manny could keep that sensibility to his affairs outside of the ring. Last I heard, he was planning to throw his hat into the dirty world of politics. In fact, he had run and lost already in the previous elections in the Philippines. I read in newspaper columns that many are speculating that he is having an affair with a much-younger actress who graduated from my alma mater. Eek! I hope it's not true. If he can maintain discipline in the ring, he should be able to maintain discipline within his marital relationship, right? I just feel that once he compromises a little bit of himself, the slide down would easily happen and before you know it, he could be facing drug rehab.

Anyway, back to the fight, we watched the fight at the house of a friend who was hosting the potluck. I brought a soup (it was more of a stoup: stew+soup) that was a BIG hit. It's called Green Chicken Enchilada Soup and I got the recipe from Molly aka biograffiti who is a new template designer over at ScrapArtist. Everyone loved it and it was super easy to make too.

Just throw these into a big pot:
 a whole roasted chicken(shredded),
1 bag frozen sweet white corn,
2 8-oz cream cheese blocks,
2 jars green salsa,
2 cans pinto beans,
2 cans black beans,
2 cans diced tomatoes with jalapeno (drained),
3 cans chicken broth.
Heat thoroughly and serve with tortilla chips. Mmmmm... There is a kick to it so the kids did not like it at all. I'll probably try it without the jalapeno and see if that will make it ok for the kids. This makes a HUGE batch but lends itself well to freezing so you can have half for dinner and reserve the other half for another time.