A Variety of Layouts

Haven't shared many scrapbook pages lately so here are some I've done in the past month or so. I'm happy that I'm at least able to scrap again - certainly not as often as when I first started. I'm aiming for at least a page a week right now. In the summer, even that measly number was not achieved! Ugh! But I think I'm learning to balance stuff right now so I'm able to create again. It really is such a stress reliever for me. As usual, to see my product/credit list for the following pages, you may go to my SA gallery or click on my Flickr set in the sidebar.
I've really been trying to scrap evenly among my kids but I just realized that I have not scrapped a page on DS for this year at all!! Tsk! Tsk! I don't get to take his picture very often anymore but I should. So my next challenge for myself is to scrap a page about him.
Just a note on the 3rd LO, those are pics of DH and his siblings when they were kids. I'm actually thinking about turning this into a picture tile to give as Christmas presents to them. I saw some granite tile in the home improvement store one time and I think the dark speckles of the tiles might be a nice background for the colors of this page. Hmmm...I can feel the idea machine churning inside my brain now. LOL!
Thanks for looking everyone and allowing me to share my art with you.