'Twas a Dry Day

I don't wanna jinx anything but DD3 has managed to stay dry the whole day!!! Woohoo!! Yep, even when she took a nap. In the past, she would manage to keep herself dry in the morning but would ask to put back her diapers/pull-ups when she would get ready for her nap. I've tried to keep her diaper-free through her afternoon nap but always ended up wetting the bed - until today!!! I am sooo excited! Do I see the end of the diaper era in our home? LOL!

I'm actually pretty laid-back when it comes to potty-training the kids. I feel that when they're ready, the process does not become stressful. I've noticed that DD3 had been ready for a while now. I let her walk around the house uncovered because it was only then that she would go to the toilet when she needed to. When she was covered up (diapers or undies), she would not go to the toilet. There were a couple of times that she would walk in bath room too late but still insist on sitting down.

Well, it seems like she was finally ready today. I am happy, of course, but can't help but feel a little sentimental - my kids are growing up!!! Sigh...