ScrapArt Weekend Workshop

There are some exciting new changes coming to ScrapArtist this November. The site is going towards a new direction that is more in line with Nancie's original vision for ScrapArtist. You can read more of the changes in the blog.

The team is also revamping how it will be doing its challenges. Instead of our weekly ArtTherapy Thursday challenges, we will be having regular weekend workshops. These are free experiential workshops but will be limited to 30 participants. Each workshop will have its own forum and gallery where participants can share their work with each other.

As soon as the workshops were announced yesterday, the 30 slots were snatched up immediately so registration is now closed. However, the team has added 2 more slots. There will be a random drawing for these 2 slots next week. If you missed out on the initial registration and would like to have a chance to join the workshop, leave a comment on the blog.