An {almost} Mother's Day Scare

Happy Mother's Day greetings to all moms out there. Yes, I know it's a couple of days late but I was enjoying my mother's day weekend offline. ;) Hope you all had beautiful days spent with your loved ones.

My weekend started out with a whole day women's retreat on Saturday. It was a nice refreshing day. Would it be wrong if I said that the highlight of that day was when a good friend relayed the awesome news to me that she is now engaged?! Whoo-hoo!! Sooo excited for her!

Anyway, I'm glad I was able to attend the retreat. Just a nice day away from the kids and the house, kwim? And I almost did not get to attend too. MIL was taken to the ER on Friday due to chest pains. We were worried that it was going to be heart-related. DH went straight to Riverside after clocking out of work. He just left me a brief message to let me know that he was not coming home yet that night. I tried to wait up for him but I fell asleep already. He must've come in at about 3 am. There were no results to the tests done to MIL at that time. I kept her in my prayers but I was somehow confident that things would be ok. I was not overly worried even though I am quite sure that she was feeling something serious to request to be brought to the hospital. In the past, she would adamantly refuse to go because she was worried of the hospital expenses. She is not eligible for Medical nor any Medicare supplement so there is a huge co-pay in case of hospitalization.

Later that day, I received news that she had been discharged already and that tests show that her chest pains were nothing related to the heart. Thank God! She will have to schedule a stress test with her personal physician but at least she did not have to spend mother's day in the hospital.

As for me, I spent mine with the family minus DH who was working that day. We had lunch at souplantation c/o Mama and Tatay. For dinner, I grilled some steaks. Yes, I love me my steaks!!

It was a pretty simple day - one simply fine day. :)


MommyBa | Monday, May 18, 2009 7:11:00 AM

I'm glad your MIL is okay now. And I'm happy that you had a wonderful mommies' day :)