Spring Cleaning

I was doing my chores this morning when the kids decided they wanted to help me. I gave them each a rag and asked them to take charge of wiping and dusting. Of course, DD3 had to get in on the action too so she was right there with me as I vacuumed. Having her "clean" with me actually kept me on my toes. She moves quickly and thus can get into trouble rather quickly too. I think she may be the most effective of any weight loss products available in the market today! LOL!

As we were cleaning together, I just had to stop and smile. This is precisely how I want my family to be like. I want my family to enjoy being together, doing things together even if it is simply doing chores. I look at my girls really enjoying helping me. It may not last long but in their young minds, I think they know that this is part of being family.

After they wiped in the stairs, they declared that they were tired and did not want to clean anymore. As I washed their dirty rags in the sink, DD2 said, "Thanks for letting us help you clean, Mom."

Kids do enjoy helping their parents. And when they see that their help is much appreciated and valued, they are more likely to want to help again. I don't know where the idea that the moms should do all the work come from. Yes, the bulk of house work does fall on the mom or whoever stays at home to take care of the kids and home. But it does not mean that she cannot enlist the help of her kids.

One late afternoon, I felt like I kept asking DS to throw this away, to put this back, to clean this up, etc. I managed to check myself as I did not want him to feel like I was asking him to do everything. The next time I asked him to throw some recyclables in the bin, I prefaced my request with a "one last request..." He smiled at me lovingly and said, "Mom, it does not have to be the last one." And my heart melted.

I was so worried that I was encroaching on his play time that I did not realize that he was enjoying dong these things with me.

I am truly blessed.


Lori | Tuesday, March 10, 2009 8:56:00 PM

I like this post about your kids helping :). What you posted on mine about the more the better is so true. Thank you.