Slumdog Millionaire

I recently saw this movie with DH. I was a little skeptical about it in the beginning. SIL had commented that she found it too cheesy and the plot too simple. It reminded her of the local Filipino films that would also have musical numbers in the end. With that commentary, I was really curious as to why this would earn several Oscars.

To my surprise(or was it dues to my lowered expectations?), I liked the movie!

Yes, the plot was simple but it was told very well. The storytelling was compelling. The way the story unfolded was beautiful. I think that oftentimes, it's the simpler stories that are harder to tell. It's easy to embellish and make complicated twists and turns to make a story interesting. But a straightforward story needs to be told beautifully and executed perfectly to capture the audience's attention.

I also read some reviews that decried the portrayal of India as slums and poverty. They lamented the fact that the movie perpetuated the stereotype of third-world countries as dirty, poor and unhygienic. Well, true...third-world countries like India and the Philippines where I come from are much more than filth and dirt. There are awesomely beautiful beaches and resorts that rival or are even better than say, Westgate resorts or the like. But the truth is that the filth and dirt and poverty is as much a reality as anything. It cannot be dismissed. And while the movie is set against the background of a poverty-stricken Mumbai, I don't feel like I came out of the movie remembering how poor they were. Rather, I came out feeling good. It was after all, a movie with a happy ending.

Bottom line is I enjoyed the movie.


donna | Wednesday, March 18, 2009 9:17:00 AM

loved it too. funny how i didn't want it to end.