Scrapbook Layouts

It's been a while since I last shared some scrap LO's I've done. I haven't been scrapping as often as I want/need to. I've been preoccupied with real-life issues that's draining me emotionally too. I hope to scrap more as this really is some kind of therapy for me.

All my pages here are made with ScrapArtist products.

First, this page about DD3. She tore a hole in her sock playing too much. Hehehe.

Journaling goes:
I think it is safe to say that a huge hole in your sock with your toe peeking out could only have come from playing too much.

Doing my Project 365 has really helped with recording life's little moments. I took this photo because I thought it was so cute to see her toes peeking out. Then, the ScrapArtist team had a challenge to scrap a picture of a body part and so I remembered this pic I took. Then it just came together.

Second page is this one that I had blogged about earlier in this post. From the moment I heard the conversation, I just KNEW I needed the scrap the moment. To be honest, I had no picture to accompany the conversation. I was going to scrap it anyway. But then, I found this picture taken in December so I decided to use it. BTW, this page was featured at Gallery Standouts so woot!woot! for me! It does not happen to me often so I was really excited to have been noticed.
Last is this one that I just finished last night. It's my ballerina princess, DD2. When asked which princess she was...Snow White? Belle? Cinderella? etc, she kept saying no. I had exhausted all the known Disney princesses and she just kept saying no. Finally, I asked her, "Who are you then?" She looked at me and declared matter-of-factly, "I'm ballerina princess, of course!" She is one character, I tell ya!