I *heart* Costco, part 2

Another reason I heart Costco is that it caters to a broad spectrum of customers. From middle-income families like ours to, I suppose, high-income families. Why do I think the rich shop at Costco too?

Well, I browsed thru their jewelry & watch stand in the warehouse and was surprised to see really high-end watches. The $400-$500 Victorinox Swiss Army watches
were simply the middle category of the group. They had movado & chanel and other brands I had not even heard of that cost in the thousands of dollars. Yes, thousands! I most probably have not heard of those brands because I am not their target market! LOL!

Seriously, you gotta love a store that is able to cater to such a wide-range of customers, don't you? And you'd think that maybe they're rich because they know how to spend their money wisely. And buying in bulk is wise!