Uncertain Times

The economy is real bad right now. So many people are hurting. One of our friends was laid off last week. Though it did not come as a complete shock (he works in the banking industry after all), it still hurt of course. They are still lucky though because they do have some money put away as cushion for times like these.

This just got me and DH discussing about our finances. We hardly have any cushion in the event he gets laid off. We used it to finance his studies for 2 years and we still need time to recoup it. As long as he keeps working, we'll be fine. And being in the medical field, he's kinda safe. He half-jokingly said that should anything happen to him, it would be better off if he were dead since he's got good term life insurance rates rather than be disabled and not have enough to support the family. Not funny at all!

During these scray economic times, it is imperative that we put our trust in the Lord. In uncertain times, the only sure thing we can hang on to is God.