Summer Va-cay is set!

I know that summer vacation is a long 6 months away for us shivering in the cold here but for our family, everything is set! My aunt & uncle who hosted us in Sedona, AZ last year has called and said that they have booked all of us in their timeshare It's "only" in nearby Anaheim but it's good enough for the kids. It will be more like a stay-cation for us but the kids are excited to be staying at another hotel. Yes, simple pleasures for my kids! LOL!

We're somewhat the "hosts" for this one since we know the area so I'm researching places to take them that will be of interest to them, not just the kids.

I was actually quite surprised to hear that they were going to vacation on this side of the US. When we were together last year(the first year we vacationed together), they mentioned that they alternate their annual vacations between the 2 coasts. And so I was not expecting to receive an invite from them this year. I would venture a guess and say that the kids lured them back to vacation here. They do not have kids and I suppose that the mayhem 4 kids create is something they crave now and again. LOL! And of course, I am more than happy to oblige. :)