Bad day

I had an awful day yesterday. I felt like a zombie the whole day. It was one of those days when you wish you had a duplicate to do all the errands for you. Or maybe a robot that you can add a chip in for an energy boost or maybe performance enhancing parts like automotive performance parts. What? You don't wish that sometimes?!

Anyway, I woke up later than usual with my head soooo heavy. I wanted to sleep in of course but could not. Prepared DS' lunch then took him to school. Prepared breakfast for the girls and took DD1 to school. Came home, had breakfast, cleaned up a bit. By the time that I felt I could get a little bit of nap, it was time to pick up DD1. Had lunch, put DD3 down for her nap, cleaned up lunch stuff. By the time I was ready to lay my head on my enticing bed, it was time to get everyone ready to pick up DS from school then head off to my friend's house so she can babysit them while I got to the dentist. After my visit to the dentist, I pick the kids, take them home, prepare dinner, feed the kids, give them a quick wash down. Then it's time for DS' pack meeting. Again, I haul all 4 kids to the school haul. My head's already pounding and my body's about ready to fall but I survive. The meeting ends at about 8:30. We get home. Brush the kids' teeth and haul them off to bed. Ugh!

I'm glad that day is over and done with. Today seems a better day. I'm off to pick up DS now then off to take him to basketball practice.

When did life get so busy?!