My Christmas Wishlist

Maybe someone's reading and wondering what to get me for Christmas...
Maybe it would help that someone to know his options...
Maybe...just maybe...

There are so many things I want. That's the operative word though - "want", not necessarily need. That's why I hesitate to buy it for myself. But if it's a gift, I'd gladly accept it with love and joy and gratitude in my heart.

Photography gear/Scrapbooking related:
- AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G lens - this is the new one that's compatible with my entry-level D40x. The cheaper Nikkor lens I was eyeing back then is not compatible with my D40x. Hmp! Figures they'd sell the newer one much more expensive right?
- Picture Perfect Homestudio or something similar I can easily set up. I've been reading up on forums and there were some who've made theirs out of PVC pipes. don't know if I'm willing to go out and do all that though. I just want an alternative to taping up a blanket on a wall or garage door. LOL!
- any of the three books by Allison Tyler Jones
- Bind-it-all
- Totally Rad Actions set 2

Personal/Vanity stuff
- polarized sunglasses ( I lost mine at church. I was still in the parking lot when I realized it wasn't in my purse. I hurry back to church. Nope, not there anymore! I asked the ushers if they had seen it. Nope. Nada! So sad!)
- Lovely (perfume by Sarah Jessica Parker)
- black boots (sz 7 1/2)

To be continued...


Gabi | Wednesday, November 26, 2008 8:11:00 PM

Maybe Santa reads this, Joy! :)

I'm with you on that want/need.

Have a happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!!!