My Black Friday by far the "blackest" of all black fridays I've experienced here in the US. Not that I'm complaining or course. It was a fun day that started at 5 am. My mom & I headed to Kohl's to get some Christmas shopping done. We were an hour "late" as they had opened at 4 am and the lines were snaking through the aisles already. My mom & I tag-teamed. I stood in line while she looked for the things she wanted to buy. Then we switched. It was just perfect. We headed to nearby Target to grab a few more things. It wasn't a mess at all. We were home by 7:30 am as DH requested that we be home by then because he wanted to go to Circuit City too. I ended up coming with him too so we could "tag team" if needed. We did have to do it at Toys R'us where there was even a line to get into the store! Unbelievable!
It was all worth it though. I've checked off everyone in my gift list except for 2 of my brothers.
More than the stuff we got, I really had a good day with DH.

Did you do any shopping yourselves?