Happy Birthday Bro!!

It is technically Bro #2's birthday already since the Philippines is ahead of my time zone... so,

Happy Birthday Bro!!! We're all excited to see you in December!

Bro#2 is the 3rd child in our family. I remember when we were kids, he was the one who always got into accidents! LOL! It was not uncommon to see his forehead with bumps the size of golf balls. I kid you not! There was this one time when he decided to be spiderman and climb up the chicken wire fence in the school hall we were at. And of course, when he jumped onto the pavement, what would you expect but a humongous bump?!

Well, that's bro2 for ya! He is the superhero of his friends, so I've been told. He is quick to jump in defense and aid of the people close to his heart. He cannot stand seeing his friends being bullied or taken advantage of.

So, to my younger bro, happy birthday! May God continue to bless you and keep you safely in His arms. Love ya!