Busy busy busy

So what else is new right?

The holiday season is upon us. I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is next Thursday already! Wow! I'm slowly chipping away at my Christmas to-do list. There are of course Christmas crafts and presents to make and buy. I actually have a longer list of people to buy presents for because my whole family will be here!!! So excited!!! The last time we celebrated as a complete family was in 2002. It was our first Christmas in this house and I was pregnant with DD1. Our family has grown since then. I think this Christmas will be even more fun because of the kids. Combine my 4 kids and my 3 brothers equals some fun times for sure!!!

I was able to finish a major to-do in my list. I got my annual family Christmas card designed and submitted for printing already. Whew! I'm actually going with postcards this year. It's cheaper to have printed than regular folded cards plus postage is cheaper too. It totally makes sense to go with postcards, doesn't it?

Alrighty, I'm going back to my to-do list now.