School Days Mini album

Yipee!!! I did it! I actually put together an album. Well, it's technically a mini-album but still I'm really thrilled. I've had this concept in my head for a while now but never really got around to executing it. The push came when the ScrapArtist team was putting together a collab kit for the Back 2 School event going on right now. From my past 2 experiences with contributing to our collab kits, I know I'm no designer. Even when I have free access to the commercial use items in the shoppe, it was still excruciatingly painful trying to come up with designs I was happy with. I decided, therefore, to stick with what I know I do well. I made a template, a quickpage and this mini-album template. The template made it to the kit. The quickpage will be given away in the blog (The Hub) during the week. Watch out for it! And my mini-album template, well, they're giving it to customers who purchase $10 or more in the shoppe during the Back 2 School sale. How cool is that?! Anyway, I hardly consider myself a hybrid gal but with this mini-album, I'm slowly inching my way through it.
In this particular album, I documented DS' first grade in school. I designed and printed out the pages then asked DS to write on it himself. I wanted to include his own handwriting. Then I cut them out and stuck them to cardboard and voila - a mini-album was born.
To tell you the truth, this can prove to be quite addicting. I'm enjoying the thought of having mini-albums - theme albums in particular. We'll see if this enthusiasm continues on. LOL!

BTW, for my non-scrapping readers, when I refer to hybrid, I mean doing both paper and digital scrapbooking. I just had a funny image in my mind of people thinking I was referring to hybrid cars and wondering what the heck it had to do with the mini-album! LOL!


Tylertopia | Sunday, September 07, 2008 11:20:00 AM

I've said it before and I'll probably say it a million more times..YOU ARE SO TALENTED! :o) Love all your scrapbook projects you share. They are so much fun to view.