Momma's got a new toy!

Well, technically it isn't a toy. Still, it's a pretty sweet upgrade from our regular vacuum.

We used to have a Eureka bagless. It was ok. It got the job done. My main beef with it was that the filter would get really clogged up. While it could still suck in the dirt, I had to wonder if it was doing enough seeing the filter as dirty as it was. I could've cleaned it - which I had done several times before. It was just too tedious. I coulda gotten new filters, I suppose. That's not the point though. It was just getting frustrating, really.

DH decided then to get a Dyson. Several people highly recommended this so we got one. DH got it at Bed Bath & Beyond and used the 20% coupon that we got in the mail. Sweet!

I'm pretty satisfied with it. We got the one with the ball. It is different from other vacuums in that it is easier to maneuver. It's not limited to simply moving forward and backward. This feature is particularly handy in getting into corners.

Now, my next quest is to find a really awesome wood floor cleaner. I want my floors to sparkle and shine like these Caribbean villa rentals. LOL! Yes, I am ambitious. Seems like my microfiber mop is still tops though. I tried the Shark steam mop floor cleaner. Returned it to Costco. I used it one time and was absolutely disappointed with it. UGH! It left my floors dull and not smooth at all. My lowly microfiber mop and a lot of elbow grease did a waay better job. I'm definitely looking for a better alternative. What do you use for your wood floors?

For now, I am happy with my new Dyson. Even DS asked if he could vacuum his room! Now that's even better, isn't it?


Joy | Thursday, October 02, 2008 5:49:00 PM

yeah this is a good Brand I've got my Dyson 3 years ago and its very hardy and sucks up all the dirt.. Mine was the big heavy one but new Dyson are coming up ... like the lighter ones,,, anyway Happy Vacuuming!!!!