Let's talk about strollers

double strollers, to be more precise...

When I was pregnant with DD2, we knew we HAD to get a double stroller. Fortunately, a friend of ours was giving away her double stroller so we quickly snatched it up. It was your regular Graco double strollers.

This served its purpose. It was quite bulky though, and not that easy to maneuver.

Earlier this year, some friends of ours visited us and I saw their double stroller. I thought it was quite cute and compact. It was quite easy to maneuver too. I recently researched it, and found it to be the Phil & Ted's sport stroller with the doubles kit added on. The doubles kit actually attaches to the "basket". It looks like it might be cramped in there but from what I saw with my friend's DD, she seemed quite comfy. Anyway, what really surprised me was the price!!! It was priced at $400+ and add in another $100 for the doubles kit. Yikes!!! Have I been away that long in the stroller market that this is how the prices usually go now? I don't think I'd be willing to pay that much for a stroller. I'm too stingy! LOL!

Our double stroller is just about ready to give up on us, I think. It's served us quite well! I don't think we'll be buying a new one anyhow. If we will, I will just visit the local consignment store and see what they've got.