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I haven't shared my LO's in a while so here they are. I've not been able to scrap as often as I used to. Real life just has got me busy this summer. But I'm able to scrap just enough to have some personal creative release. But with the tons of pictures I've been taking, my to - be - scrapped pile is just growing. I think I'll do what Stacy Julian advocates and have an album for pictures that I love. At least then, I have hard copies of them in case the computer crashes or my back-ups fail. Not that I don't have ample computer memory. I do. and I have an EHD too. But I've heard enough horror stories to know that things can happen and I could lose all my precious photos. Even now, I am thinking of getting a back-up EHD for my current EHD. Paranoid am I? LOL!


Rebecca Tyler | Monday, August 04, 2008 5:01:00 PM

You are so talented! I love your scrap pages...they are always so creative and CUTE!!