Insomnia or just a night owl

It being summer, for the past month, I've found myself getting to bed later and later. I don't know if I'm suffering from insomnia or just being true to my nature of being a night owl.

Ever since I can remember, I've been more productive in the late hours of the night. Even while I was in school, my mind seemed clearer and I could get my projects or papers if I did them in the evening. I get into the zone where it's just full speed ahead.

Back to present day...

If I did not have to take my kids to school or prepare them breakfast, I would not get up from bed so early in the morning. Well, guess what? That's exactly the situation the past month. My kids are off for the summer so no need to get up early to take them to school. My mom is here and gets up really early naturally so she gets breakfast going for the kids. So, I've been enjoying sleeping in! LOL!

Waking up late also means I've been sleeping in the wee hours of the morning. Or is it the other way around? LOL! What do I do during those late nights? Sometimes, I surf channels on the TV. Of course, there isn't much good TV to see at that time. It's mostly infomercials selling ab machines, acne cures, mineral makeup, etc. The past few days, watching Filipino TV shows on the internet has been keeping me busy during those late hours. Hehehe. I cannot believe that almost all shows can be seen there, even PBA games! It's a good thing for Filipinos like me who do not subscribe to the Filipino cable channels here. It's just too darn expensive! And if it was out of the budget before, imagine how much more it cannot be fit into the budget now that everything else is getting more expensive!