Scrapbook pages to share

Here are some of the recent scrapbook pages I have done during the past month. I'm not as "prolific" as before but I'd like to think that my pages now are more well-thought out than before. I give more thought to the placement of stuff, the colors and leading the eye from one place to the next. Yeah...I'd like to think that I have more "design" experience now and I'm not just going by trial and error as I was doing when I first started scrapping. I'm not saying I'm an absolute pro at this already or anything, ok? I've still got a lot to learn but I think I've reached a point where I am comfortable and confident with my pages. I used to really crave comments - like comments left somehow validate my "art". Now, I'm more confident that even when I don't get comments on my LO, I know I like them and that they're pretty nice. They'll be gracing my scrapbooks anyhow so what's really important is that I like them and that my family likes them too. I'm still hoping to get published one day too. Just have not had the guts to actually submit, kwim? I haven't reached that level of confidence yet! LOL!
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