She is 1 ...

My baby turned 1 last Friday. Has it really been a year since that freakishly exciting day? LOL!

DD3 is so big now. She isn't walking yet. Her speech, however, is progressing very well. She says "mama", "Daddy"(yes, daddy not dada), "ate", "dede", "b-bye", "ba"(for peek-a-boo), "dah"(for dance). She is such a sweetheart but has started to show her spirited will. Yup, I think I have a strong-willed girl right here. We've started giving her milk in a sippy cup. She hates it! LOL! So what I've done is give her milk in the sippy cup when she wakes up. She's too hungry to protest so she takes it! LOL! Gradually, I hope to wean her away from the bottle. Would you believe that I've never had this problem with my 3 older kids? They hated the bottle so I went straight to sippy cups even while they were still 6 months. This baby however, does not like the sippy cup. Even with the 4th child, there is something new to experience, huh?

DD3 loves to dance too! And she is sooo cute! Remind me to take a video to share.

Her birthday was spent at home. DH worked that day so we had our dinner(spaghetti and fried chicken of course) without him. I was also busy preparing for her party for the next day. I'll post about the party next time. I've got a ton of errands today! Hope you all have a great day!


Rissa | Tuesday, January 22, 2008 11:00:00 AM

aw! ang bilis ng panahon. she's 1 na. parang kailan lang talaga. happy birthday to her! mukhang ang sarap ng cake ah, hehe! she's so cute showing her little finger that she's 1, hehe!

MommyBa | Tuesday, January 22, 2008 2:06:00 PM

It's been a year na pala. Oh my! Time really flies so fast. :) Another mini-Joy as I see her.

I'm sure everyone had a great day during the party :) Can' wait for the pics :D