Christmas presents

I was excited to give DH his Christmas present this year. Usually, it is really difficult to get him a present. There was one year I tried to surprise him with a pair of Oakley sunglasses that I knew he really wanted. It did not turn out as I expected. Needless to say, the pair was returned and I've since shied away from surprising him. I still give him gifts of course, but "safe" ones - shirts, ties, cufflinks, you know the type.
Anyway, this year, I got him this gadget to keep his GPS system on his dashboard. He had been using this windshield mount and it just kept falling off - so annoying. I kept praying and hoping that he would not buy it himself before Christmas! Thankfully I was able to give his gift with no incident. He liked it. He's keeping it. He's happy. More than that, I am happy! :D