Lovin' my new camera

OMG! I am soooo lovin the new camera! I love how fast it is, even with the flash! My old one was so frustrating because it took so long for the flash to fire up again. I really do not like using the flash too much but it is so essential for indoor action shots which I take a lot of - what with the kids being so active and all. It's been suggested to me to get a speedlight ( the small one) so that I can bounce the flash off the ceiling instead of it hitting head on. That might be my next "project" plus maybe a UV filter or a CP. Hehehe... sounding like a professional, aren't I? Mouthing off these terms. Indulge me...
I am still on automatic mode coz I have yet to learn the manual modes. I tried to use the shutter priority earlier today while taking shots of DS riding his bike outside but I could not get the right speed so he was all blurry. I gave up and just used the sports mode. Came out so nice. The kids and DH were also dancing tonight and was able to get shots of them. So much fun! Oh, and I'm lovin' the continuous mode of the camera...I'm just click-click-clicking away!!! And with my 2G SD card, I really don't have to worry about memory space at all. Even at RAW format, I can still easily take 100+ photos. At JPG normal, the capacity jumps to 500+ photos. I wonder though, what setting do most hobby photogs use? What do you use?