Educational toys

DS: Mom, we learned in school that we should only shower for like 5 minutes so we don't waster water.
Me: That's right. Is that what you're studying in school right now?
DS: It was Earth day, didn't you know? We have a project in school and we need to bring stuff that we can recycle. Sal already brought 100 water bottles! Can you believe that? 100!!!It was in a big garbage bag. I need to bring some too!

I love it when DS gets excited about school stuff this way. He really does love school! And so often, he asks for more school-like projects to do at home. I found some science kits that may interest him. These nmay be geared towards older kids but DS is really advanced that I know he might actually enjoy these. Did I mention that during the science fair at their school open house, he browsed thru each science project of the 8th and 7th graders?! OMG! Even when he did not understand most of the data, he'd ask me what it was about. I got bored after a while but not him!!! "I'm a genius!" is what he says! Funny little guy!
Anyway, back to the toys...
Since they're studying environmental stuff this week, I thought that I could get the Funky Faucet sink science kit for him. Hopefully, this will reinforce and supplement what he has just learned in class. And since DS is soooo obsessed with anything that has to do with transportation, Our Amazing Bridges will most likely pique his interest too! He is such an inquisitive boy that he really like to learn stuff. He wants to know "why" and "how" things happen. It will be a LOT easier to show him how things work using hands-on educational toys like these science kits rather than merely explaining to him. Besides, most of the time, I don't know the answers to half his questions anyway! LOL! This way, he can discover for himself the answers to his questions. And those answers are usually what kids remember most because they got to experience it themselves.


MommyBa | Saturday, April 28, 2007 10:59:00 PM

DS just got a lot of enthusiasm about school and that's really admirable of him to have.

As a Mom, you're just doing a great, great job!!!! Your children are growing up the right way :)

My hats off to you! :)