Some thoughts

I've been watching the developments in the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Not too much as to overwhelm and traumatize my kids. But just enough that I can explain to them that many people lost their homes and stuff so we need to help. We've donated to the Red Cross. Some digital designers have come up with digital scrapbook kits with proceeds going to the Hurricane relief efforts. I've bought those too. But something felt missing. I wanted to do more. I wanted to give more. Donating through the internet feels so impersonal. Then, a neighbor sent us a flyer. It said that a local radio station teamed up with a local hauling and trucking company to round up donations to bring to Baton Rouge. They were asking for donations. So, off to Costco I went with my kids. I explained to DS that we were going to buy food to give to those who lost their houses in the flood. He helped pick the foods to buy. We bought some water too. After that shopping trip, I felt a little better. It's probably just psychological on my part. But actually picking out the stuff and holding them feels more personal to me. Though these donations will go through a lot of hands before it reaches that one family, they went through my hands too. And somehow I feel like I am reaching out to them and helping them myself. You know what I mean?
I'm still left in tears as I watch stories of the survivors and their pain and loss. And so we lift them up in prayer each night as we and the kids prepare for bed. And I think DS sums up simply all that I pray for when he says, "Please help all in the hurricane. Please make them happy."