God is good

God is indeed good.

In earlier posts, I mentioned that I won 2 airline tickets to Manila. At that time, I was not sure if we would be able to use. Well, we will be able to travel - as a family!

Initially, DH was not able to go because he was not able to request for vacation early enough. They usually have to request about 6 months before. When he looked at their schedule, there were already 6 people whose leaves were going to be overlapping. This meant that they were going to be short-staffed as it is. But nothing is impossible with God. His request was granted and we will leave next week - July 1! We come back July 19.

Everything happened so quickly.
Everything was finalized just last week.

I believe that God was at work the whole time. When everything falls into place, I know this is God's will.

This is peak travel season. I called the airline to book our 2 free tickets. The agent said that they only have so many seats available to "free" passengers and there were none available on the dates we requested. The next available date was Aug. 26. Then that afternoon, the bakeshop where I won the tickets from called me and asked for the dates I wanted to leave. He said that the tickets had to be booked thru them because theirs was a special arrangement. The next day, he called back to say that the tickets have been issued for the dates we requested.

Next, we had to buy tickets for our children. We contacted a family friend who readily connected us with a travel agent. That was Friday last week, exactly 2 weeks before we wanted to leave. Forunately, we were still able to get tickets.

There were so many things that could have gone against us.

It seemed like DH was not going to be granted his request for vacation. But it was.
It seemed like we were not going to get seats for our free tickets. But we did.
It seemed like we did not have enough time to get tickets on the same flight for my kids. But we did.

So, you see... God is good.