A Busy Life

I’ve gotten quite good at it.
Cooking while loading the dishwasher.
Taking out the trash, dusting & sweeping while waiting for that load of laundry to get done.
Brushing my daughter’s teeth while bathing my son.
Nursing while typing in my computer.
It’s just become such a necessity.

It is not so much the multitasking that bothers me.
It’s the stress, the hurry-up-we-need-to-get-going state of mind that gets to me.
I’d like to get back to enjoying the present without thinking of the next thing to do.

Oftentimes, I feel like I really have no choice. There are a million things to do, with only 24 hours in a day.
But really…
I do have a choice, don’t I?
I have a choice to slow down and enjoy life’s moments as they present themselves.

That is what hit me at 2 in the morning as I was nursing my newborn baby.
As I sat there, wide awake, I realized I had a choice…
Watch the DVD I missed watching earlier
Watch my daughter nurse.

Something clicked.
My mindset changed.

Nursing gives me the chance to slow down.
To enjoy the present while it is still here.
To nourish a relationship.
To really be present to my daughter.

Sure, stuff that need my attention still abound.
Chores need to be done.
My older kids need to be fed and bathed and read to.
My blog needs updating.
Letters and emails need to be written.
But each task will have its own time.

I believe I will still have a busy life.
But in being fully present in each task, I stand to gain more life.
To enjoy even my chores instead of merely going through the motions.
Instead of a busy life that passes in a blur,
I will have a busy life that is lived in clarity.